Tested on IRYNA girls, not puppies.

Ditch chemicals for super foods

Take skincare off your worry list, pretty face. Go clean, natural and safe.

IRYNA range 9

Clean up your routine

Forget parabens, SLSs or fillers.

IRYNA feeds your skin with Superfoods, Antioxidants and Vitamins.

Our A+ ingredients line-up

Everyone should know what their beauty products are made of.


‘Matcha’ maker

Powered-packed to protect with Vitamin E.

Flower power

Flower power

Organic Rose Water Fights redness.


Just peachy

Aussie Desert Peach is rich in Antioxidants.

Marula Magic

Malachite Magic

Malachite Minerals calm and detoxify


‘Rosehip’ hooray

Rosehip Oil protects from free radical damage.

Vitamin boost

Vitamin boost

Citrus Essential Oils boost vitality and even tone.

‘Quince’ charming

‘Quince’ charming

Quince leaf tightens pores and calms skin.

Go nuts for Coconuts

Go nuts for Coconuts

Coconut Oil moisturises and softens.


Geranium Oils

Promote skin regeneration and even skin tone.

Nasties are not our thing

No Artificial Colours - No Artificial Fragrances - No Coal Tar Dyes - No GMOs - No Parabens - No Formaldehydes - No BHA & BHT - No SLS or Fillers - No Mineral Oils - No Petrolatums - No Phthalates - No gluten or wheat - No dramas 😆✌️

Tested on IRYNA girls,
not puppies.

We are vegan and cruelty free