What does IRYNA mean?

The word IRYNA (pronounced eye-REE-nah) means ‘peace’, perfectly describing the philosophy of our range and the carefully chosen simple natural ingredients, that leave all skin types feeling healthy, hydrated and peaceful. IRYNA is made with superfoods, natural extracts, essential oils, only natural colourants and fragrances. There are no unnecessarily harsh or irritating ingredients; purely ingredients that bring harmony to your skin and deliver essential nutrients and Antioxidant protection.


What makes your products peaceful?

Stress can have damaging effects on skin health. That’s why IRYNA has been designed to bring, calm, joy and happiness to your complexion.         

IRYNA is a simple, mindful beauty routine that gives you extra glow.


Do you test your products on animals?

No way. We test on IRYNA girls, not animals. We are cruelty free and PETA approved. For more info, check out our WHY IRYNA page.


Are your products vegan?

Our peaceful products are created in a way that takes into account the welfare of people, the planet and animals. That’s why you will NEVER find any animal or animal by-product ingredients in IRYNA. 


Are your products safe to use in pregnancy?

Yes, all IRYNA formulas are safe to use during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, always check with your doctor or midwife before beginning any new skin care routine.


Are your products dermatologically tested?

We comply with the highest quality and safety standards and our products are always dermatologically tested and Ophthalmologically tested.


Which safety certifications do you hold?

  • We are certified Cruelty Free with PETA.
  • We are certified by the APC sustainable packaging initiative.
  • Our products are manufactured in ISO certified manufacturing facilities that follow the best manufacturing practices.


Is IRYNA suitable for my skin type?

IRYNA works for all skin types and ages, with a carefully selected blend of naturally derived ingredients like Matcha Tea, Malachite Minerals, Apricot Butter and Coconut Water. These clean beauty products when used day and night will fight dryness, fine lines, dehydration, dullness and much more.


Do your products contain harmful chemicals?

We say NO to all nasties. Our ingredients are vegan and 96% natural. See our NO list here.


Your formulas are 96% natural. So what’s in the other 4%?

The remaining percentage of ingredients are food grade preservatives and skin conditioning agents that guarantee stability and extend shelf life. These essential additives that have been very carefully chosen to keep skin peaceful with formulas that work and which are also good for you.


What does ‘natural origin’ mean?

IRYNA uses natural origin ingredients. ‘Natural origin’ means ingredients that are naturally derived, rather than chemically or synthetically manufactured (e.g. ingredients obtained from fossil fuels).


Where are your products made?

All of our products are made, manufactured and designed in Sydney, Australia. So we’re basically as Aussie as you can get. (Fair dinkum to that.)  


How long will my products last?

All products have an expiration date after opening, meaning you’ve got a period of time to use them up. Look out for the PAO symbol on the packaging. 


How can I recycle my empty packaging?

IRYNA is committed to sustainability of packaging and a member of Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO). We are constantly working on improving our products and packaging – and almost 90% of IRYNA packaging is recyclable. Any glass and cardboard packaging in tubes, jars, bottles and boxes is suitable for recycling. Always make sure you wash out any old product and remove labels before recycling.


Can I find out if you’ll be getting more stock of an item which is sold out?

Message our customer support team by clicking here. They will be able to let you know when to expect the item to be back in stock.